Wednesday, 27 September 2006

6th day with iMac

Today is the 6th day with the new iMac. The feeling toward it is still more "strange" and "hard to use" than a Windows PC. Probably I am too used to the "Windows-way".

Besides transferring some songs, importing Emil Chau's "Rain Man", and writing blogs, these days I spent most of my time on importing and organizing my photos with iPhoto. I already successfully crashed the iPhoto several times. For example, create an album "2004 HK 1-day trip" under some folder and fill it with several hundreds photos. Then create another smart album under another folder, set the name of this smart album to "2004 HK 1-day trip" and set the smart settings to "Album is 2004 HK 1-day trip". Then the program freeze and not responsing. But it keeps taking more and more memory slowly.

Today, I plugged an USB harddisk with NTFS format to the mac. I didn't realize that Mac OS X cannot write to NTFS partition (may be I just forgot). Anyway, after several click and move folder, the computer frozen! What? It's a Mac... My first hard-reboot.

I still too new to Mac. But somehow it looks like Linux to me now, besides with the familiar interface of iTunes and iPhoto.

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