Monday, 16 March 1998

Not A Failure

Not A Failure
(Lines from Edmonton to my best friend in Edmonton)

            English is my weakest subject, and
I'm sure that I must put a lot of effort on it,
                                      or I will fail for sure.
                                     Upon the bookshelf
   standing the practice books you gave me,
        reminding me to do exercise everyday.

I would concentrating on other subjects,
but not English;                         
I would doing something else                  
rather than studying English;   
I would trying to make it behind              
so that it's out of my sight;      
I would sitting on somewhere                
  for a day with no purpose; And
I would tell myself that                          
“I'm not escaping from it”,   
even though my heart say I am.               

You know I'm relatively lazy, and
everytime you want to talk about English
I would talk something else.
Now, you score 73 in English.
And I got same numbers, but reversed.
I found difficulty in English, but
I just couldn't tell the difficulty and seek for help.
Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking,
None of them I can do it well.
And I said I want to quit,
Not looking at you I knew that
you were really angry.
"If you're a failure, then quit!" you said and left.

I ' m   n o t   a   f a i l u r e ;
I   w i l l   n e v e r   q u i t ;
I failed once, but I won't fail to try.

Friday, 13 February 1998

Very Tried

I don't know what to do in these moments,
It's the second week of this semester.
There are tons of homework and assignments,
And she phones me to go out for supper.
Books, notes, and papers cover my table;
Shirts, pants, and jackets cover my pillow.
My condition is very terrible,
My energy level is very low.
For now I'm interested in nothing,
In my red eyes, everything's ugly.
After supper she wants to go dancing,
When I refuse her, she becomes angry.
I wish I could leave and have a shower,
Sleep for a day, not buy her a flower.

                       by Pang