Thursday, 30 August 2007

Nokia Download! PC Client

Recently, Nokia launched Download! PC client. It allows users to connect their phones to PC and access content which were originally available via Download! only. This is a great news for users. Even the free content available at Download! add up to over 3 GB, include 30 language packages for Text-to-Speech and over 50 maps. With the PC client, users can get as much as they want with low-cost/free (and faster) PC Internet access, and get more out of their expensive phones. I've added Nokia map to my 6120 classic.

Download! - a preloaded application on several Nokia phones which allow users to browse and download region-specific contents. Some are free, some charges, and some try-for-free.

What concern end-users the most is not the long download time (GPRS is relative slow) but the traffic cost (no true-unlimited GPRS in HK yet). Especially, 3.0 applications are mostly build by the free GCCE compiler, not the thousands Euro ARMV compiler (which only available for customers to purchase only). Compare with ARMV compiled, GCCE compiled application could be 3 to 10 times larger in size. Which cost end-users more $ for download.

So, isn't it great ot have the Download! PC? Go grab one now! (Only available for Windows OS......... and MacOS if you have virtual Windows)

Nevertheless, I found that I couldn't download the Presenter.jar probably. So I download the Presenter.jad, open it using Notepad, and find the following line and download the file using a normal browser:


Wednesday, 29 August 2007












Desktop Pass-through problem in ActiveSync 4.2

When Pocket PC connected to Windows' ActiveSync, it not only able to sync data with Outlook, but also able to connect to Internet via the PC being connected to. However, I got an error "The page you are looking for connect be found due to unknown error. 0x80072f78". This problem has prevent me to update my Avantgo.

Since my router at home has broken down for unknown reason, I cannot get my Acer n300 connect to Internet. So, I made a rough search online and found the following pages:

Activesync 4.2 now available for download from Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!
ActiveSync 4.5 and Weatherpanel problem from Aximsite.

Both pages has point out that the error is due to new ActiveSync has "a problem with Desktop Pass-through ... caused by a Layered Service Provider (LSP) that use the Windows TCP/IP stack." This known issue can be solved by enabled the LSP by modifying the registry manually. This solution has absolutely *no* warranty and use at your own risk!

Open the registry (run RegEdit), locate: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows CE Services\, and add "AllowLSP"=dword:0. Restart your ActiveSync. You may kill the process using Task Manager, and restart from Start menu. Alternatively, you can reboot your computer (of course).

This work for my Acer n300 and ActiveSync 4.2, on Window XP Pro (English).

Monday, 27 August 2007



先說說別的廣東輸入法:CantonIM 廣東輸入法。這個看起來很好又簡單的輸入法,在我的Mac上跑時,總會令我的程式自行關閉,就好像Mac內置的大易輸入法一樣(每當打出「衰」字時,必炒)。這個問題,另一個Blog也有提及(Madthiu's PALACE)。所以,試了沒多久後就放棄了。



Sunday, 26 August 2007


Not all software sell for money. There are lots of great freeware online. Here are a few I found last week:

Freeware for Symbian
Not a pool with thousands of applications but most of them are quite good, and free. For example, cClock is an alternative to the Large Time screensaver. It disables the deep sleep mode in Nokia 6120 classic, which turn the screen totally off after some extended idle time. Turning off the deep sleep mode might scarify more battery power, but the time (and date) will remain on screen all the time.

This applications will rotate the screen from portrait to landscape for some S60 3rd Ed. phones. There is same built-in feature on Nokia E60 but not others. On N95, you can trigger landscape mode that by the slider. But when you open the keypad, it becomes portrait immediately. This application should work on N73 and N80 (I ain't sure), but will NOT work on E50 and 6120 classic (I'm sure).

Using ebooks on Symbian S60 3rd Ed. smartphones
Recommended Mobipocket Reader and QReader. And I like their landscape mode option. It is real landscape on 6120, that is even the menu are in landscape. As I remember, it will not work on E50 (and will corrupt the application, forever).

Dockables! - System Utilities
One of the best function, except creating shortcuts for sleep or turn off, is to power off the screen immediately. This is a great thing for people who has iMac next to the bed and leave the computer on for whole night. We finally can turn off the screen, except using some black-color screensavers.

I would really like to try it sometime.

Others findings:

Saturday, 25 August 2007


最近時間都分到工作、裝修、facebook、朋友和6120上,少了打機,PSP被封印在櫃筒裡,更加不用說GBA SP、rollarblade、bowling之類了。就連自己的財政也甚少處理,幸好常用的兩張信用卡,一張設定了自動繳款,另一張每月二號到期(明顯地叫人出糧後馬上找數),暫時還未拖欠過卡數。

今晚收到了獅子銀行的月結單,「Card Annual Fee」盛惠三百大元,比起其他銀行收取的二百餘元年費,獅子真的胃口大,多啃20-50%。於是我拿起還未適應的6120(比起N70,它真的細很多),深夜一點三,打去CS,按1、按0、輸入卡號、「你這卡冇電話理財,咪扮野,現在踢你去接生、呃、接線生(設計對白)」、「彭生你好‥‥」。嘩,我這卡不是沒有電話理財麼?但接線生已經知道了我的身份,而且前後不到半分鐘,真不枉它標榜的「環球金融」所該有的服務態度和水平。



跟栗子捌貳說了這事,他回應:『環球金融, 地方智慧』『有環球咁多錢, 做的事還是咁小家』。算吧,要在別人口袋裡拿錢,有時是要小家一點。情侶間有時也需要一點「小器」才顯得真正在意緊張對方吧。


Friday, 24 August 2007

Transferring SMS from S60 2nd Ed. to 3rd Ed. Phone


Back to the 2005 Christmas, when I got my first S60 phone, I tried to transfer my SMSs from a Nokia 3120 to the new Nokia N70 (2nd Ed). Unfortunately, no luck because the PC Suite didn't support that. What I can do was to copy the messages manually to any folder other than the Inbox. So, those Inbox messages were moved to somewhere else and they always show "to me" (not from whom).

10 months later, I bought my second S60 phone, Nokia E50 (3rd Ed). Again, I tried to migrate all my SMSs from N70 using the Transfer program on E50. Still, it failed. Although E50 sent N70 an updated Transfer (aka Data Move), the two programs still not allow SMS transfer. This features seems only work between 3rd Ed. phones. So, I didn't give up my N70. In fact, since E50 is a 2G phone while I've 3G service subscription, I used N70 most of the time.

Another ten months past, I got myself another S60 phone - the Nokia 6120 classic (3rd Ed FP1). Yes, it seems that my upgrade period is 10 months. If so, I should able to get a new phone by next June. Well, gotta see what so good is release by that time. I ain't too interested in N81 nor N82, may be a hand-on experience will change my mind.

Unlike my second phone which has no features but a device for testing programs (oh well, it's slim, but, so what?), the 6120 is a 3G phone with HSDPA. Camera is same as N70, 2MP with flash (why's Nokia still selling 2MP for the third year?), plus the body is slim, there is no reasons for not upgrading. So, my question comes again: how to transfer SMS from N70 to 6120.

This time, I got a solution...


If you prefer to store messages on phone memory, you will need three phones to do the transfer, otherwise you don't need a middle-phone:
  • source phone - 2nd Ed (ex. my N70),

  • destination phone - 3rd Ed (ex. 6120 classic), and

  • middle phone - 3rd Ed (ex. my E50).

  1. On your source and middle phones, set memory card as storage for messages. On destination phone, set that to phone memory. To change the settings, go to Messaging > Options > Settings > Other > Memory in use > [memory card]. You will be prompt to copy message or not. Select yes for the source phone and yes for keep original. For others, up to your preferences.

  2. After the copying is completed, read the memory card with a computer and copy the folder \system\mail\ to your computer (always as a backup). Now, you can put the source phone and its memory card away.

  3. Access the memory card of your middle device, browse to \private\1000484b\. You will find a "Mail2" folder, rename it to anything. Copy your "Mail" folder and rename that to "Mail2". Insert the card back into the phone. Now, you can access all messages, SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and Infrared.. etc, on your middle phone.

  4. Last step is simple, open the Transfer program on both 3rd Ed. phones, set up a sync profile between your destination phone and the middle phone, and synchronize text messsages. Done.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Nokia Text-to-Speech

Nokia S60 phone has built-in text-to-speech. However, my new 6120 phone has only English preloaded. They didn't give us enough information to download package for other languages. Somehow, it took me a little more than a minutes to google the right page:

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

creative prodikeys

幾天前,某友人提到想要作曲,本來打算推銷一下自家產品音樂盒,不過她的電話並非S60,不適合。後來聊到在電腦上作曲,她問我有沒有什麼好程式介紹,當時沒記起Finale,卻想起了十多年前曾經用過的Mozart程式,只是輸入四頁的樂譜,弄了大半天,太辛苦了。用滑鼠點五線譜,對於不懂樂理的朋友,似乎有點不可能吧。我想,在鍵盤上按會來得比較直接,於是談到了年半前見過的音樂鍵盤:Creative Prodikeys,昨天,趁著午飯時間跑去電腦城看,還有得賣,開價$298,比以前平了五草。

Prodikeys official website
Creative (HK) official website





談到鍵盤,最近也一直想把鍵盤連上PS3,應該很爽。起初想找個十元八塊的USB-PS2轉換頭,但朋友說他也一個但無反應,幾間鋪頭也異口同聲地說轉換頭只可以給滑鼠用,必須要用那USB-PS2 KB+MS的轉換線($25-45)。覺得太貴後又在想,要買個五六十元的普通USB鍵盤,還是九十幾一百元的縮水版鍵盤,後者可節省空間嘛。很多要考慮的問題,但是,連上了又如何呢?我沒有安裝Yellow Dog(專為PS3開發的Linux),也想不到什麼遊戲需要它,除非是利用PS3上網吧。


city bloxx 攻略

前日新入手的Nokia 6120 classic,內置不再是貪食蛇,而是三個很不錯的遊戲:Marble, City Bloxx和Highroller Casino。新機落手,除了添置記憶卡(註一)、安裝大字screensaver(註二)外,當然要玩玩新遊戲。其中,最喜歡玩的是City Bloxx。

這個由Digital Chocolate製作的遊戲,設計得很不錯,而且概念兩用。玩家要興建大廈,興建時每一層樓都是由上面吊臂吊下來,由於有風力,吊下來的組件會擺動,而大廈亦會因玩家的建築風格(技術)而出現不穩定的擺動。技術越好的,入住人數越多。這是Tower Bloxx的基本玩法。沒錯,Tower Bloxx就是另一個手機遊戲。




X = 大廈的最終位置及顏色,到了下一步不能更改,所以請務必取得最好成績以及金屋頂。
最佳地圖 = 12黃、8綠、4紅、1藍


註一:3 Shop再沒有送卡,不過256MB MicroSD已經不值錢了,不送也罷。因為比起在豐澤的3專櫃,已算是化算了。其實,我或者應該考慮過台到SmarTone。
註二:S60內置的Clock屏保被人們討厭的,是它蚊型的文字。所以,外間自製的大字屏保比比皆是,其中,以Large Time Screensaver最正,3.0版可在下載。

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

iSync and 6120

There is no official 6120 plugin for iSync. Many people are looking around, including me. And here I came across the solution at Nokia Discussion forum. Obviously, more and more people using Mac nowadays, which is great. People are start making their own software.

After install the "custom-made" plugin, I got Phoenix (N70), Penguin (E50) and Panther (6120) all synchronized with my Mac. Hooray! But... life isn't as easy as we wish... I got a Synchronization Failed.

[Panther] An unexpected error occured.
Device "Panther" synchronization failed

I ain't sure where the problem is. But on second try and I disabled the sync with Calendar, I got no error now.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Nokia 6120 classic

I bought my third S60 phone tonight, the Nokia 6120 classic. Compare with my N70 and E50, the good points are smaller in size, 2MP camera with flash (same as N70), S60 3rd Edition FP1 (better OS), faster CPU and more run-time memory and most importantly, a lower phone price.

I've been search for offer from my operator. First I check out the 3 Counter at Fortress. They offer my $1380 for the phone + $750 prepaid, $150 rebate and a 1GB MicroSD. So, with $1980 I can take the phone away (but later on, they said it's out of stock and I have to return on next day). The terms is 15-month contract and a EasyPlus VAS (2MB data/$28/mo). However, they told me to visit a 3 Shop, downgrade my account to 2G (get a new SIM card) and couple days later upgrade to 3G (get another new SIM card). I just hate to do such "stupid" steps to get a new phone. So, I visited the 3 Shop tonight. What they offer me is $1330 for 6120 + $800 prepaid. Nothing else but a 18-month contract. So, my money is back. And I can go purchase a 2G MicroSD for less than $200 (I'll visit B-Tech tomorrow).

This little phone is so great that my mom wants to get one too.

Thursday, 16 August 2007




Tuesday, 7 August 2007


剛才跑到朋友的blog裡搗亂,被朋友在MSN上說「u r such a naught boy」,生活就該是這樣吧,可以說笑可以玩的,就應該去笑去玩去搗亂一下,喜歡嚴謹地工作,不喜歡嚴肅地待人。平日要苦要悶要愁要想要計要算的事多不勝數,和朋友一起時,總不太願意一本正經地過,除非是有非正經不可的事情。






Monday, 6 August 2007


「Hi! 我的朋友,我最近開設了自己的網上拍賣場,希望你有空來參觀一下! 這是我在 Yahoo! 拍賣的個人拍賣場!」





Widgets Preference Pane

Widgets Preference Pane helps you to manage all the widgets in Mac OS. I tried the "untested" Intel version. It seems great as I can move some widgets to the desktop. Now I can have a nice clock always visible and the miniStat 2 always running (without registration).

Sunday, 5 August 2007

living is what


Living Daylights
作詩:永野椎菜 作曲:高山みなみ

“今”を生きてる 意味は知らないけど
笑顔の理由も 泣きたくなる理由も

予定調和の上を 駆け抜ける 毎日に
深くため息 繰り返し…

従う事だけを 覚えてきた

自分を好きになれず 苦しんでた…
“痛み わかり合えそうな 瞳”
そう あなたに 出会う前まで…

“今”を生きてる 意味は知らないけど
笑顔の理由も 泣きたくなる理由も

なくしたくない ものだけを 見つめたい
振り返らずに 迷わずに…

不安や 悲しみに 縛られない
思うままに そのままに 全てが自由である為に…

心 乱さない強い 意志を
そう あなたと 身に付けたから…

今も愛する 意味は知らないけど わかってきた
傷つく理由も 信じられる理由も



Friday, 3 August 2007

煩人的citibank e-statement


昨日又再收到它的信,但奇怪的是這幾天我都收到它的推銷電郵、月結單電郵之類,今日登入其網站查看,似乎發現其系統「笨拙」的地方,以致它認為「未能成功傳送電郵到您的指定電郵地址」。在戶口裡是登記了一個正確的電郵,於「e-mail 1」,但月結單卻發送往「e-mail 2」,而「e-mail 2」卻是無法登記。我把它定向「e-mail 1」,希望以後不要再出錯。

Thursday, 2 August 2007


在Yahoo News看到一段video新聞,標題 "Crash tests: Bumpers not doing job",再在網上做了個search,找到這一個page:

大概解釋到我六年幾前撞車的損毀程度,我駕駛著一架1990年的Honda Civic Hatchback,在冰面的地方上,以90度角溜冰式低速撞向一架Truck的右邊車尾。對方損毀不嚴重,但就開天殺價,幸好有保險公司賠償對方的損傷。自己的就連車蓋也打開不了,右邊headlight盡毀,花了一千六百加元去修理,不過,bumpers好似真係無事。因為對方車身高,自己車頭低,尤其是90年款的Civic,是我所見的Civic系列裡,車頭最扁的。

Export Outlook Express Message Rules

Export Outlook Express Message Rules - PC Magazine, February, 2003 by Neil J. Rubenking
(Original article here)

This article is great for those who use Outlook Express and its Mail rule daily. I've around 30 mail rules set up. It would be headache if I've to recreate them one by one after reinstall, recover, transfer or what-so-ever. In fact, I've done it twice due to new machine and harddisk failure.

Here, I posted some key notes for easy reference. The credit shall goes back to original author.

  1. OE 5/6's mail rules store in Registry HKCU\Identities\[GUID]\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0\Rules\Mail\. GUID is strings of alphabets in curly brackets.
  2. If several identities (GUID) exists, check each subkey for yours. Export from "Mail" key of your identity.
  3. Find your identity on target machine by same technique. Edit exported reg file using Notepad. Replace old GUID by new GUID. Save and import it.
  4. You may need to recreate those missing folders in new OE.