Tuesday, 17 October 2006

iBackup for Mac

When I am mirgating data from my old desktop to this new iMac, what concern me most is the backup solution. As far as I know, Backup is free to .Mac subscriper, which subscription cost is at least HK$780 per year. I will not use much of their services anyway so it seems not a good solution. Although one can get a 60-day free trial first to obtain the software (download require log-in/sign up), Backup cannot be scheduled without .Mac account. Someone found a "solution" to use the software without .Mac account but that require advance level of Mac as well as a server (see "Running Apple's Backup Without a .Mac Account". This seems to complicated to me, all I want from Mac is simplicity but not complexity. Finally I found a solution: iBackup.

The program look nice and I still learning to use. However, the first draw back I found is that it has problem with FAT 32 partitions. It cannot skip existing files but write all files again everytime it runs backup. This isn't a good sign. Anyway, I've reformatted my Buffalo 250 DriveStation to Mac partition and try back up now. Hope this work well.

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