Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Nokia Map Loader

One of the must-download item from Download! PC is the Nokia Map and Nokia Map Loader (later on, I found it these can be download directly from here without using the Download! PC client).

This is cool, despite of it's kinda slow and large in size, that you can have maps of nearly all famous cities around the world, for FREE. The down side, especially to Chinese, is that the map are mostly in English (not localized). I got a problem when using it in Macau. But, after all it is free. What do you expected?


Anonymous said...

Nokia Map Loader only works on Windows, needs .net framework, and if you add a new map the map loader deletes all your existing maps so you'll have to download them all over again.

But you don't need Nokia Map Loader! links to all maps directly on Nokia's smart2go server. Works with any browser on any operating system, including Mac and Linux. No need to install anything on your computer, so it works when you're in a hotel, school, at work, or in an internet cafe.
If your phone talks WiFi or 3G you can add and update maps from your phone's web browser without even touching a computer.

Maps for Nokia Maps without using Nokia Map Loader:

Anonymous said...

666 Great. I'm on a Mac and I don't want to install Windows for something like copy some archives.

Thanks so much