Monday, 17 September 2007

Nokia In-device Search

A "Search" program is available for download at It is, however, not the same "Search" application that built-in on E50. The former one search online, costing GPRS and money. The latter one search locally for SMSs, contacts, files, images, audio etc. Obviously, the latter one is much useful than former one, even one like me seldom run search on phone at all.

It is so disappointing when I found the "Local Search" not available on my 6120c. Not to mention that Zip is missing too. Why would Nokia remove or restrict the availability of these tools? I think it add-value to their products. Tommi thinks so (See Tommi's discussion about not having "Search" as built-in feature). Unless, they wish us to learn how to do searching.

Although I seldom use it on E50 (actually I didn't use E50 as my primary phone at all), I still want it back on 6120. So, I googled nokia "in-device search" symbian and found the download page at, as well as a discussion about the two Search programs. Seems many people are longing for the local search feature.

Come on, Nokia. Do more and don't let us down! Or else I'll go back to my 8250.

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