Wednesday, 1 November 2006

iBackup for Mac (2)

Pure Mac: Backup - Software for Macintosh is the original website where I found the link to iBackup. You might also find other interesting software for Macintosh there.

I've been using the iBackup for half a month. However, I run the backup a few times only. Sigh, my work is killing me. Anyway.

As someone has reported problem with non-Mac partitions, I tried to run a small set of backup before. It seems that if the backup destination is FAT partition (my Buffalo DiskStation 250 GB USB harddisk come as FAT16 by default), iBackup cannot be smart enough to not overwrite already exist files. Luckily that it shows a complete log on screen and save as log file for users to analysis. Because of this, I've reformatted my DiskStation to Mac OS format (which took me some time to do so).

So far, iBackup works as I expected, although the duration is quite long. Existed and unchanged backup-ed files are no longer being copied. This would save some writing time. However, it takes a long time to do comparison, which unlike Windows which use a flag in file to identify whether the files was backup/updated. Well, may be this is because the backup in Windows is built into the OS, while the one for Mac isn't.

Due to this, the iBackup sometimes appears hang when compare folders with large files (such as the Movies folder). If you have enough trust on the software and if you have over 100GB of data to backup, please run it while you will be away for hours. Last time it took me 3 hours to update my 120GB backup set with less than 2GB of new data.

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