Sunday, 12 November 2006

While using Mac

I am going to list some problems I'm current facing when using my Mac, as well as great software I found.

  1. Must install OpenVanilla for my one-and-only-one Chinese input method, Dayi.
  2. OpenVanilla's Dayi works in NeoOffice Writer (Word) but not Calc (Excel)
  3. home and end keys do not act same as in Windows.
Great software:
  1. VirtueDesktop
  2. You Control: Tunes
  3. Adium
  4. Microsoft Messenger 6.0.1 for Mac (the latest update is quite okay, at least it can display others' emotion icons)
  1. To install Open Office 2.0, must install X11 first. To install X11, insert the Installer Disc 1 that come with Mac, select Optional Installs and select customize. (details)

List shall go on.

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