Thursday, 30 August 2007

Nokia Download! PC Client

Recently, Nokia launched Download! PC client. It allows users to connect their phones to PC and access content which were originally available via Download! only. This is a great news for users. Even the free content available at Download! add up to over 3 GB, include 30 language packages for Text-to-Speech and over 50 maps. With the PC client, users can get as much as they want with low-cost/free (and faster) PC Internet access, and get more out of their expensive phones. I've added Nokia map to my 6120 classic.

Download! - a preloaded application on several Nokia phones which allow users to browse and download region-specific contents. Some are free, some charges, and some try-for-free.

What concern end-users the most is not the long download time (GPRS is relative slow) but the traffic cost (no true-unlimited GPRS in HK yet). Especially, 3.0 applications are mostly build by the free GCCE compiler, not the thousands Euro ARMV compiler (which only available for customers to purchase only). Compare with ARMV compiled, GCCE compiled application could be 3 to 10 times larger in size. Which cost end-users more $ for download.

So, isn't it great ot have the Download! PC? Go grab one now! (Only available for Windows OS......... and MacOS if you have virtual Windows)

Nevertheless, I found that I couldn't download the Presenter.jar probably. So I download the Presenter.jad, open it using Notepad, and find the following line and download the file using a normal browser:


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