Sunday, 26 August 2007


Not all software sell for money. There are lots of great freeware online. Here are a few I found last week:

Freeware for Symbian
Not a pool with thousands of applications but most of them are quite good, and free. For example, cClock is an alternative to the Large Time screensaver. It disables the deep sleep mode in Nokia 6120 classic, which turn the screen totally off after some extended idle time. Turning off the deep sleep mode might scarify more battery power, but the time (and date) will remain on screen all the time.

This applications will rotate the screen from portrait to landscape for some S60 3rd Ed. phones. There is same built-in feature on Nokia E60 but not others. On N95, you can trigger landscape mode that by the slider. But when you open the keypad, it becomes portrait immediately. This application should work on N73 and N80 (I ain't sure), but will NOT work on E50 and 6120 classic (I'm sure).

Using ebooks on Symbian S60 3rd Ed. smartphones
Recommended Mobipocket Reader and QReader. And I like their landscape mode option. It is real landscape on 6120, that is even the menu are in landscape. As I remember, it will not work on E50 (and will corrupt the application, forever).

Dockables! - System Utilities
One of the best function, except creating shortcuts for sleep or turn off, is to power off the screen immediately. This is a great thing for people who has iMac next to the bed and leave the computer on for whole night. We finally can turn off the screen, except using some black-color screensavers.

I would really like to try it sometime.

Others findings:

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