Thursday, 2 August 2007

Export Outlook Express Message Rules

Export Outlook Express Message Rules - PC Magazine, February, 2003 by Neil J. Rubenking
(Original article here)

This article is great for those who use Outlook Express and its Mail rule daily. I've around 30 mail rules set up. It would be headache if I've to recreate them one by one after reinstall, recover, transfer or what-so-ever. In fact, I've done it twice due to new machine and harddisk failure.

Here, I posted some key notes for easy reference. The credit shall goes back to original author.

  1. OE 5/6's mail rules store in Registry HKCU\Identities\[GUID]\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0\Rules\Mail\. GUID is strings of alphabets in curly brackets.
  2. If several identities (GUID) exists, check each subkey for yours. Export from "Mail" key of your identity.
  3. Find your identity on target machine by same technique. Edit exported reg file using Notepad. Replace old GUID by new GUID. Save and import it.
  4. You may need to recreate those missing folders in new OE.

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