Monday, 20 August 2007

Nokia 6120 classic

I bought my third S60 phone tonight, the Nokia 6120 classic. Compare with my N70 and E50, the good points are smaller in size, 2MP camera with flash (same as N70), S60 3rd Edition FP1 (better OS), faster CPU and more run-time memory and most importantly, a lower phone price.

I've been search for offer from my operator. First I check out the 3 Counter at Fortress. They offer my $1380 for the phone + $750 prepaid, $150 rebate and a 1GB MicroSD. So, with $1980 I can take the phone away (but later on, they said it's out of stock and I have to return on next day). The terms is 15-month contract and a EasyPlus VAS (2MB data/$28/mo). However, they told me to visit a 3 Shop, downgrade my account to 2G (get a new SIM card) and couple days later upgrade to 3G (get another new SIM card). I just hate to do such "stupid" steps to get a new phone. So, I visited the 3 Shop tonight. What they offer me is $1330 for 6120 + $800 prepaid. Nothing else but a 18-month contract. So, my money is back. And I can go purchase a 2G MicroSD for less than $200 (I'll visit B-Tech tomorrow).

This little phone is so great that my mom wants to get one too.

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