Monday, 12 June 2006

Keymapping Software

These days I was playing Virtual On (PC version) because my boss found a copy. He also bought a model of one of the robots. I would like to have Virtual On origami but they are too expensive.

I had connected my Microsoft SideWinder Freestyle Pro gamepad but it cannot be recognized in the game. There is a software to customize the gamepad under XP environment - SideWinder Game Controller Software 4.0 (review of another M$ gamepad). However, it cannot be found on the Web (details).

On the web, I found several key mapping software. Although they don't help my situation, I would like to share them here:

Auto Hotkey - Remapping a Joystick to Keyboard or Mouse

PPJoy - Parallel Port Joystick Drivers

panuworld "joyadapter" XP

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