Thursday, 1 February 2007

Epson EPL-5900L on iMac

After researching HDMI-to-DVI-D cable online for an hour last night, I suddenly wanted to connect my Epson EPL-5900L printer to the Mac. Dann, it spent me over 2 hours without success. I tried the default drivers as well as the Power PC version from official Epson HK website. The printer just sits there and doing nothing, no response, total silent.

This is just impossible/unbelieveable that this simple laser printer cannot work with the latest Mac OS. Therefore, I keep searching again this morning. Finally, I were here, at the Epson UK website. I found the drivers for Power PC (again). But this time I also found a link: "Epson and Mac Intel". Bingo! Here is the page with the correct driver. This one, compare with the Power PC 34MB, is 86MB. Well, it is quite a large driver compare with those Windows versions. Anyway, who cares now? To use a Mac, you won't care about thing like this anymore. You just have to keep devoting money to Apple for the rest of your life.

Anyway, now I can print stuff using EPL-5900L on my Macintosh. Oh, the Epson monitor also works too, telling me that it is time to replace the cartridge (toner). Oh well, I've a spare one since day-1 already. The current one is 3000-page and the spare one is 6000-page. Probably can last for 10 years.

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