Friday, 23 February 2007

Nokia N70 returned!

To my surprice, my Nokia N70 was fixed this morning. I got a call from repair center at 11AM, telling me that I can pick up my phone at anytime.

My Nokia N70 was return to me just as if nothing has done. However, the motherboard was replaced (oh, I forgot to reset it before sending to repair, anyway, there should be nothing sensitive or interested to the repair guys). The firmware becomes V 5.0638.3.0.1 18-09-06. The key sound problem still exists (when you have key sound on, at idle screen, press # once only and you will hear a long beep).

Since the motherboard is changed, so does the Bluetooth address. To avoid Bluetooth device list confusion on my computers, I give the "new" device a new bluetooth name. Now, my laptop, my NAS, Nokia E50 and Nokia N70 are named with animal speices name. Only my PS3, PSP and iMac has not using animal species as their names (well, I guess this will be changed soon).

Now, time to restore. With the Nokia PC Suite, it's quite simple and easy to restore. You just connect the phone, press "Restore" and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Oh! How long does this progress takes? Well, I don't know. Probably over an hour. Anyway, the restore process end with an error. What? It just said only 5% was restored. May be it also include my memory card and I haven't insert my memory card back. But I had deselected "backup memory card" when I was doing my backup couple days ago. Anyway, it's the simplest, free software afterward and almost gurantee (almost?) that it works. I don't know. It's Nokia after all.

So, the phone was all back to last time it was. Honestly, this is quite good, at least I don't have to setup this and that again. Even my customized font is there too. So, time to sleep.

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