Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Visit at Nokia Care

As posted in my primiary blog, my Nokia N70 broke down recently. The display is mess up, showing nothing but dizzy, just like a TV with antenna unplugged.

So, first thing first. I backup its data immediately, using PC Suite (free download from For such a slow, lengthy yet important task, I use the CA-53 data cable. It should be more reliable, stable and faster than other means (bluetooth, infrared). The backup program will copy most information and allow me to restore to N70 (same model) at a later time. It took me 250 MB harddisk space just to backup the N70 which has only 20 MB of data. And the program cannot backup my Contact. Anyway, my contact are synchronized thur Outlook (may be that's the reason?) and I'm not worrying about that.

Using Phone Browser in File Explorer also allow you to backup/restore contact. Just drag-and-drop.

My phone is covered by the extended warranty now. If not, I would have to pay couple hundreds to a thousands to replace the LCD. To extended the warranty, one must be a member of Club Nokia (HK) and register his phone on the website.

Here is what i found after meeting the customer service:
1. they will give you everything back, except the phone body. any removable things, including the back-cover, will return to you
2. they won't help you do backup.
3. they kept my invoice.
4. they spent 5 minutes to verify my membership and extended warranty.

My membership card is just a print-out of an image on website, with my membership info. Since it's just a piece of paper, I always keep it in wallet.

By the way, they said that replacing the case is HK$380 for N70. May be I can get the whole black color, just like the "Music Edition".

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