Friday, 11 May 2007

Why not working?

Using Mac should be enjoyable and relaxing. The OS has take care of quite a lot of troublesome things which needs a lot of care for a Windows user. So, Mac users should always take-it-for-granted for anything. This is what I believed, until the day has come.

With the green envelope I visited the IRD website. Oh, it's not working! Firefox doesn't work, Safari doesn't work, even Netscape does not too. Netscape for Mac was the one on the support list from the site. But it doesn't help at all. The FAQ just said "yes, it doesn't work always" and then nothing else. It seems that the ESDLife doesn't have any intention to fix this problem. Why? Why would a government website limiting visitors to use Windows? Does it get commission for every Windows access? Can I sue the website owner for against anti-monopoly?

Luckily or not, I still own an Windows-based laptop (and several Windows licneses) and a virtual desktop. But I would be happier to file my tax return on a Mac.

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