Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Sync a PC with Mac

Time to get more and more a "Mac guy" now. Tonight, I watched the Keynote which Steve Jobs demostrating the "whole new", "5 years ahead" iPhone. Well, I think he is more like an actor on the stage than just to introduce a cool, new, ahead-of-the-age product.

Thou not too late, I'm also connecting my old iPod (20 GB second generation iPod) and synchronizing it with the iTunes, which I has transferred around 50% of my library from PC to it. So, music can be sync with iPod and Mac. What about contact and calendar? How can I sync my PC laptop with the Mac desktop? How to sync them while they are at separate locations and might not be turn on both at the same time? First of all, let's sync everything on the PC inside the M$ Outlook first. Connect Pocket PC (or Windows Mobile), Nokia phones (you know I've two) and any others(?) and have them all sync-ed first. Bring one of the phone supported by iSync, which is my Nokia N70 and sync it with Mac. Eventually, "Boom!", my iPod would also get sync-ed via Address Book and iCalendar.

What a "great technology"!

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