Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Mac Tools and Tips

Recently I found many tips and tools for Mac. Some learnt from MacWorld and some from friends. I would like to share them here.

Create ISO CD/DVD image (.iso) in Mac OS 10.4
Alternative, you can create DMG image by Disk Utility or ISO by ImageTool that comes with Parallels (recommended).

Fink is a tool (or a collection of tools) from the world of Unix that will runs on Mac. I've downloaded but not yet tried. Only recommended for advance users or die-hard players.

To run commend with root permission, in terminal, type sudo [command]. Tasks such as editing httpd.conf which permission and owner is -rw-r--r-- root.

Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2 - for those who would like to configure their Apache which come with Mac (at least, come with my iMac). contains many tips and information using the Smart Playlists in Mac, esp. for iTunes. However, I suggest to learn something about AppleScript, as it would be more powerful than Smart Playlists. Of course, using both would be 'super' powerful, at least that's what I think now.

Moreover, you would like to see this guy's blog for how an end-user play with iTunes.

Eventually, you might want to try something called iTunes Manager.

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