Tuesday, 4 August 2009

外間看 mobile hotdog

別人眼中的 Mobile Hotdog 會是怎樣呢?

#1 Mobile Hotdog - mBounce Download Service by Darla
Nokia Nseries and S60 users are no strangers to applications supplied by mBounce. Especially consumers in the Asian Pacific region. mBounce is responsible for most of the cool apps supplied on the recent Nseries APAC devices. Applications such as Animated SMS which I spoke about and use alot.
Animated SMS 不是 M Bounce 的產品耶。 -__-'''
I later learned that most of these apps can be downloaded and purchased from Mobile Hotdog - a download service provided by mBounce.
Birthday Card Generator for example, gives you a look at what the app does. Don't get me wrong, its a cool app and I must admit that I had been looking for something to use in order to send birthday greetings to my contacts, but I find that the trial is a bit misleading. It doesn't allow you to actually add a recipient to send the message to and in fact all it does is add an animated image or text image and then opens up your default message client to send either MMS or SMS. This I found out $5 bucks later.
#2 关于电脑查看手机内存 ─ 那個 C:\MobileHotdog\ 文件夾被發現了。

#3 ClockScreensaver|时钟屏保中文版v1.06 ─ 破解了。

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