Friday, 10 September 2010

What's happening to our world?

一位好朋位在 Facebook 答了一個 post,很精警、很有意義,所以借來轉載一下:

Why do people not say hello when they walk by?
Why do people talk with their mouth full?
Why do people not cover their mouth when they sneeze?
Why do people walk in the elevator/train/any space before letting people come out first?
Why do people shake their leg when they know their seat is attached to other seats?
What's happened to our world?

‎1. Because they have their ears plugged for so long that they forget about the beauty of communicating using words.
2. Because they could have bad breath
3. Because they want to share their germs
4. Because they thought other people are just standing their occupying space
5. Because they think they are cool with all their shakings
6. When you don't need to learn ethics until graduate school, this is what's happening. :)

(by K. Wong & H. Fung)


1. Because they think "hello" must be followed by "world".
2. Because they have no firewall and all ports are opened.
3. Because they assume you have anti-virus installed.
4. Because they think it is a stack: first-in-last-out.
5. Because they only see their own domain.
6. When we didn't take care of orphaned objects, they cause memory leak. In long run, we ran out of memory and system crash.

6. When we push the teaching responsibility to teachers but prohibit them from using any form of punishment, we made kids the boss in school. And now we are haunted.

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