Wednesday, 8 September 2010

iPhoto can't sync after changing MobileMe password

更改了 MobileMe 帳戶的密碼之後,所有登入的地方都必需重新輸入密碼,可是,有一個是沒有直接的輸入方法的,那就是 iPhoto 了。不明白為何 Apple 會遺漏了這個地方,而且 MobileMe 是每年收費的,不是一般免費服務哦!

比較簡單又直接的修改方法,可以在以下 forum 找到:

節錄出來方便大家,和我自己(註 MM = MobileMe):

When you change your MM password, you need to enter the new password in MobileMe in System Preferences. When you select MobileMe in System Preferences, it will (correctly) say that your password has changed and ask for the new one.

It looks like the problem with iPhoto is that when you enter the new password in MobileMe preferences, the keychain entry for it isn't being updated. Look for in Keychain Access. It will probably have the old password. Changing it there and then signing out/in in MM System Preferences seems to fix the problem with iPhoto. If not, try deleting in Keychain Access and then sign out/in to MobileMe in System Preferences.

注:我刪走「signing out/in in MM System Preferences」因為我發現無需要這樣做。我只是把 iPhoto 關了,再進行以上的修改,之後打開 iPhoto,一直就正常了。

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