Thursday, 12 June 2008

indeo codec

I've some video clips captured by a Logitech Webcam 8 years ago. The video clips has an extension of AVI and no longer able to play back in Mac OS X Leopard. I don't quite remember if it can be play on Mac OS X Tiger. The codec they used is unknown. QuickTime just complains a missing codec without any useful information. I tried to play back the video on XP with Windows Media Player. There pops up a dialog saying it requires Indeo Codec.

Okay, so, let's download the Indeo Codec, from official website? Check this out: And it said: "Ligos Indeo Software® Codecs for Windows - $14.95". What!? That definitly does not worth my money to just play back 10 clips. After some googling, here you can Download Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11 for free. Yes, since 5.12 they charge, and all we need is the older version.

It is time to convert the video to some common or widely used format that will not have licensing issue in future (at least no one would change the license to a pay-license mode), such as MPG-2 or QuickTime.

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