Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Ultimate Reset: Formatting on Mobile

These days I'm working on Recognizer and Document Handler. This time, however, I've no luck at all. The application has to be embedded and handle data probably. I couldn't find a complete example nor documentation. Most of the posts on the Web are debugging auto-start function, a deformed usage utilize the recognizer.

Tonight is the second night in a row I stayed late at office, trying to hunt down the right code. Yet, no gain, but pain. So frustrated.

How am I going to report to my boss tomorrow? Sigh...

Out of curiosity, I tried those auto-start codes from forums. I'm too lazy to copy the whole structure but the core piece. Anyway, after rebooting, the phone couldn't startup. Not even can I enter *#7370# to reset it. Luckily, there's still a way to format the device:
1. power off,
2. press and hold Green + * + 3,
3. power on and hold the above three keys until "Formatting..." appears.

Woops, that save my life. And this is my first time seeing this formatting screen on Symbian. So what the 3230 tried to tell me is, try everything on emulator first before deploying to real device.

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