Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Smart Phone

To better organize my peronsal data, I synchronise my Nokia N70 with home PC once a while. Whenever it connected via the Nokia CA-53 USB data cable, the battery goes down quicker than in stand-by mode. Therefore, I must plug the charger to the phone while using the cable.

Nowadays many mobile phones are called smart phone. They've the basic PIM functions built in. In someway that they are like (pretend to be) a Palm or a Pocket PC. So, this is smart(?). I've been using Palm and Pocket PC for years. The data on device is synchronise (and backup) with Outlook. Month ago, I began to synchronise the phone with Outlook. Trying to eliminate the troubles when I wish to have same data on PDA and phone. Also, I could able to access to all contact I've, no matter I'm holding my PDA or phone. Yet, I

Nowadays mobile phones are called "smart phone". They implemented the basic function of PIM - Personal Information Management. In other way, they're very like a Palm or Pocket PC. And this is smart. I've been using Pocket PC for years and got lots of information on it. With Outlook I synchronise the device with computer daily. When my device malfunction and being hard resetted, or being replaced, I just connect it to computer and all data are back. Palm is even better because all programs and games will be restore automatically upon connected.

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