Thursday, 1 May 2008

Installer problem in iPhone 1.1.4

Recently, the Installer in my iPhone (1.1.4) stop working properly. Everything I try to install an application, it will says "Main script execution failed." I followed suggestions online to repair the permission of Installer. Nope, not working. I followed the instruction to download wget, which is used to re-download Installer, the file is always 0 bytes.

It has been stop working for week. Until I found something new today: reinstall the Installer. Open Installer, select Uninstall, select Installer under Utilities. The usual Uninstall button become Reinstall. When I click it, it said "Not enough space, free at least 512KB". I said, what!? I'm pretty sure I've 600 MB free space left. What's wrong?

Then I read a quote of a post in Mac Rumors Forum (here). It said, originally Posted by germen:

I highly recommend to install both "Community Sources" and "BossTool" (in "Utilities" category) and run the "Free Disk Space" inside BossTool in order to relocate Fonts, Ringtones and Applications to the main disk partition and be able to install a lot of applications without space lack problems. Note: do it in the recommended order first Fonts, then Ringtones and Applications at last.

I used to think that BossTool is some tools to avoid being spot by boss that we are playing on iPhone instead of using it for work (what kind of work can be done on iPhone?). I never try until now. And here is the reasoning, which I use the BossTool fixed my iPhone (copy from BossTool):

After I moved Fonts, Ringtones (I didn't download any), and Applications, 125 MB is free. I now feel that iPhone is very like a PDA - with so little of memory space.

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