Sunday, 23 April 2006

the Set game for mobile (2)

I ordered the card games at Amazon, together with another one - Duo, something like UNO with more features. However, Amazon told me that they cannot be shipped to Hong Kong. Wat!? Why? Oh well, I have to visit Toys'R Us later.

There is no progress on my mobile version. Still struggling (not working) on the data structure of card and deck. Even so, I already have a piece of code that can generate cards with m features and n variants. And I have think about how to lay out the cards on screen, esp when it's too crowd to show the whole card. This is my weakness - spend too much time on the very detail part, dragging the whole development process.

I should make it simpler - object(card and deck) should only hold data, engine handle game logic and calculation. Putting calculation code on object will results in larger object and hence wasting memory, esp when it is not neccessary and not too reasonable to do so.

ver. 0.2.0

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