Thursday, 16 March 2006

Limit of hiberation, 1GB max!?

Last weekend I bought a 1GB DDR ram to upgrade my IBM T42 laptop. Since the laptop has two slots, which were filled by two 512MB ram, I only get 512MB extra after the upgrade. This extra 512MB cost me more than it should be.

After the upgrade, my laptop no longer able to hiberate. When I press Fn+F12 and it prepares hiberation, then it fails and returns "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API" (technical details from Microsoft). Regarding this issue, many people went to Bryce Yehl's blog. Its thread is so long, and has full explaination, which other site cannot compare with. However, the patch is not available publicly until you call Microsoft. Luckily, I found the patch from an unofficial website.

Just installed and it works. Hopefully my laptop will run smooth from now on.

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