Sunday, 14 August 2005

ace combat 5: davenport's death

[Blaze's diary]

November 29, 2010
Peace Ceremony Attacked

Today the President gave a speech at the Stadium. Our quard was ordered to perform a formation fly-by at the beginning of the ceremony. After that, while we were patrolling around the city, the enemy air force came in to bomb the Stadium. Unfortunely, our air force support would not arrive till six minutes later. Therefore, we've to intercept the enemy ourselves while the ground unit evacuating people from the Stadium. What make things worst was we were fighting over the city with all the high-rise. It was tough. It was bad.

Chopper said on radio that he can't remember how many fighters we shoot down. There are SU-27s and F-117s everywhere. These are strong and hard to take out. Also the F-14s and Tornados too. These are good at turning and hard to trace. Six minutes finally passed and our reinforcement came. By that time I was almost out of missiles, only 4 out of 99 left. I've to use gun to take out the last wave of enemy. I saw Edge using gun too. She might have ran out her missiles as well.

At last, the enemy retreated. However, Chopper was shot. Last time Edge was shot at the end of mission too. But she managed to eject and survived. I was praying he would able to eject too. However, we were above the city. Chopper said if he eject, the plane will crash into the urban. So he steered his plane toward the empty Stadium and crashed. Chopper was DIA.

We lost him, our best wingman. His joke, his endless questions and his annoying voice from the radio will never be heard again.

Chopper is our honor, our hero.

p.s. After his sacrifice, he was promoted by two grades. But that cannot bring him back.

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