Friday, 11 December 2009

More Mac mini Server

更多關於使用 Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server 的 post:

How to install Mac OS Server as RAID-1 on Mac mini:
Out of the box the mini comes without Raid. You have two identical HDs of 500Gb.

I have just set it up as Raid1. You can't do this when you use the startup disk from the mini. And as you don't have a Superdrive ... you need to be creative. You need another Mac with Firewire.

Step 1: Start the Mini in Target Mode. Press the T during start. In a few seconds the firewire logo will appear on your screen.
Step 2: Go to your second Mac. Connect the firewire cable between second Mac and Mini.
Step 3: On the second Mac start the disc utility. The two identical drives on your mini will show. Create a new Raid set (mirrored = Raid 1). Include both drives. Confirm the warning that all data on the mini will be lost.
Step 4: Make sure your second Mac has CD/ DVD sharing option installed. This is tou use the superdrive to install OS X Server on the mini.
Step 5: Shutdown both Macs
Step 6: Start your second Mac in target mode. Make sure the firewire cable is still connected.
Step 7: Start the Mini with the option key pressed.
Step 8: Insert the OS X Server install disc in your second Mac.
Step 9: wait till the drive logo apears om the Mini. Continue the install. Will take about an hour.

How to enable RAID 1 without reinstall or using the DVD at all:

... I did have a spare USB hard drive... I used SuperDuper (great app, used it, and paid for the registered version! to clone the Server HD to the external USB.

My external drive is 300GB, ... it doesn't have to be identical to the internal 500GB drive(s), ... you might even be able to do this with an 8 or 16GB USB drive...

So, using SuperDuper, I cloned the disk AND MADE THE EXTERNAL DRIVE BOOTABLE ('Set as Startup Disk'). Booted from the external drive, then used Disk Utility (RAID Utility is in the Operating System / Applications folder but does NOT work) to turn the internal disks (Server HD and Macintosh HD) into a new RAID Mirrored Pair. Note that this wipes the original drives.

Then, I used SuperDuper again, to clone my EXTERNAL USB DRIVE back onto the new RAID Mirrored Pair. I made the RAID pair bootable ('Set as startup disk') ...

... back into SuperDuper [and]... used the SmartUpdate feature (which requires a paid/registered version of SuperDuper).

That did the trick. Upon reboot, I am running off the internal, RAID Mirrored drives (I'm typing this from the Mac Mini Server), plus I have a bonus backup on my external USB drive!

Set up CVS on Mac OS X:

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