Saturday, 27 June 2009

蘋果香港請人... 如果早多五年...

睇 sor_mack 的 blog 見到蘋果香港請人:

Our ideal candidate:
• You love computers and technology (preferably Apple technology!)
• You have good knowledge of computer products – Mac or PC, hardware, software, peripherals etc
• You have customer service experience and preferably some experience in a retail environment
• You have the drive and commitment to provide complete sales solutions for every customer
• You have great communication skills and love interacting with people
• You think quickly on your feet
• You possess a strong code of personal ethics and place a high value on integrity and trust

如果早多五六年前,老虎蟹都會去見工,起碼比果間 I.T. agency 幫我搵咩返大陸在馬筒廠寫 Delphi 又或者去電盈當一年八千蚊的 technical support 更好。

可惜丫,蘋果唔搞 symbian,一搞,可能係世界上最好的 OS。

不過,蘋果咁遲先搞手機,或者正正集合著無數人「枉死」的經驗,一將功成萬骨枯。App Store 跟本就是抄 S60 的 Download!,咩 in-app purchase,呢 D 字眼我早在 2007 年就已經用緊,無奈我無乜影響力,無法「正字」,in-app 變咗 in-game、purchase 變咗 buy。

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