Monday, 16 March 1998

Not A Failure

Not A Failure
(Lines from Edmonton to my best friend in Edmonton)

            English is my weakest subject, and
I'm sure that I must put a lot of effort on it,
                                      or I will fail for sure.
                                     Upon the bookshelf
   standing the practice books you gave me,
        reminding me to do exercise everyday.

I would concentrating on other subjects,
but not English;                         
I would doing something else                  
rather than studying English;   
I would trying to make it behind              
so that it's out of my sight;      
I would sitting on somewhere                
  for a day with no purpose; And
I would tell myself that                          
“I'm not escaping from it”,   
even though my heart say I am.               

You know I'm relatively lazy, and
everytime you want to talk about English
I would talk something else.
Now, you score 73 in English.
And I got same numbers, but reversed.
I found difficulty in English, but
I just couldn't tell the difficulty and seek for help.
Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking,
None of them I can do it well.
And I said I want to quit,
Not looking at you I knew that
you were really angry.
"If you're a failure, then quit!" you said and left.

I ' m   n o t   a   f a i l u r e ;
I   w i l l   n e v e r   q u i t ;
I failed once, but I won't fail to try.