Monday, 21 February 2011

"NCNList KERN-EXEC3" error on Symbian emulator

One in a few installation of Symbian SDK has a problem in starting up the emulator. Discussions should be easily found by googling "ncnlist KERN-EXEC3". The solution, however, is a bit tricky to locate, thanks to the ever-changing Forum Nokia site. When will they stay on a fixed UI and structure? Maybe that's how people earn their living: whoever take over the department would try to change every thing down to a deep blue or royal blue - so that they have make some sort of contribution and be granted for a large amount of cash. Anyway.

Here is the current link to the solution:,_FP1_emulator

It would be vise if we posted the answer with key words or description, rather than "click here for solution". I have to search "TSS000651" on the wiki site for the most updated link. Maybe you have to do that too. Good luck.

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