Sunday, 18 January 2009

google notebook dev stopped

今早讀 RSS 見到 MacWorld (UK) 報導 Google to put an end to unpopular web services

The company will also stop working on Google Notebook, although it will keep the service running for registered users. Notebook is an online organizational tool where people can create notes and share them, among other features. Again, many features are duplicated in other Google services.

我最近半年才開始用 Google Notebook,以前都用過 Google Bookmarks,但發覺 Google Notebook 更好用,而且它支援 iPhone 的介面,可惜金融海嘯令到 Google 都要 cut cost。

Google 的官方 announcement:Stopping development on Google Notebook (Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:30 PM),即是明日起 Google Notebook 不會再有新功能(最近一直有新功能添加嗎?),而且它們認為其他 services 可以替代 Google Notebook。但似乎公佈裡所提到的四個 services (SearchWiki, Google Docs, Tasks in Gmail, Google Bookmarks) 都無法替代到我使用中的 Notebook 功能。幸好,Google 只是停止開發而沒有關掉它,不過將來重開的機率似乎微乎其微了。

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