Monday, 7 September 2009

Say bye-bye to Parallels

屋企的 iMac 終於換上了新的 OS - Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6),Hard Disk 立即多了約 15GB 的空間,還不止如此,驚喜陸續有……

一裝完 Snow Leopard,開機的歡迎畫面之後就出現這個:
Incompatible software

Some of the software on your computer is incompatible with this version of Mac OS X. Because this software may cause problems with your computer, it has been moved. You can delete incompatible software that was moved.

Incompatible software on your computer was moved to a folder named "Incompatible Software" on your startup disk:

Parallels Desktop: version 2.5 of Parallels is not compatible with Snow Leopard.

For more information about incompatible software, see this Apple Support article:

Snow Leopard 手起刀落幫我踢走乞人憎的 Parallels!如果真係唔可以再用 Parallels(之前用過 Parallels 已經死機幾次),那就連帶裝在 Parallels 裡的 OS 都要被踢走,隨時取回 20GB 以上的空間,應該有一兩個 XP、2000 Pro、Ubuntu 同埋 Windows 7?

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