Monday, 24 October 2005

how many lives can a superman save in one second?

gosh~ what does she expected from us? are we a company with supermen? are we capable to have bug-free products in such a short period of time? those jobs require at least 35 days. from today till the early december there are roughly 40 days, and so you think we have more than enough of time? count again. it's 40 days if you include all the weekends and holidays. but it's 30 work days. ~beep~ i'd like to finish all the works a.s.a.p. who doesn't!? but please think again with sense. if the pay is double (and make to me), then that's another story. com'on, no one want a piece of shit, neither do i. but it's not as easy as a piece of cake neither. superman is hero but he still need time to travel. he can't beat the speed of light, can he? and we are nothing to a hero. so, don't give us that much of pressure. it will only screw up things and make them ugly.

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